Teddy Trail

in Carbrooke Church

Carbrooke, Norfolk is a small agricultural village. It has a surprising & fascinating history, with influences through the centuries from around the world. 

To encourage young people into church and to take an interest in the heritage of Carbrooke, we have a ‘Teddy Trail’, to tell the story of Carbrooke and it’s people. Members of the community, have provided the teddies.

For several years the church arranged a ‘Parachuting Teddies’ event. People were invited to bring their teddies to parachute from the top of the church tower. The one who travelled the furthest  was the winner. Some teddies decided to investigate the tower walls on their way down, and one decided to fly off in the wrong direction, getting caught in a tree, but most of them behaved themselves.

In 2014 the teddies zip wired from the ringing chamber inside the church instead.

Follow the links below to meet the Carbrooke Teddies, as they tell the Carbrooke story. Most of them stay in the church, but in 2018 The Teddies hosted a ‘Flower Festival and Teddy Trail’ as part of the summer fete, and some teddy visitors joined them.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Once long ago, in deepest Norfolk there was a great wood, with a dark water brook running through. Two little Teddies called Care and Bare were looking for a place to build their own home and thought it would make a great place to start. We will call this place Car’s Brook and stay here forever. Care and Bare collected wood and moss and built themselves a house by the stream. They ate acorns, berries and wild honey. In the spring their baby bear cubs were born, they lived in their little house by the stream  and their family grew…… 

Teddy Bears Picnic

If you go down in the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today you’d better go in disguise
For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain
Because today’s the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic

Every Teddy Bear who’s been good is sure of a treat today
There’s lots of marvellous things to eat and wonderful games to play
Beneath the trees where nobody sees they’ll hide and seek as long as they please
That’s the way the Teddy Bears have their picnic
Picnic time for Teddy Bears
The little Teddy Bears are having a lovely time today
Watch them, catch them unawares and see them picnic on their holiday
See them gaily gad about
They love to play and shout
They never have any cares
At six o’clock their Mummies and Daddies will take them home to bed
‘Cause they’re tired little Teddy Bears

If you go down in the woods today you better not go alone
It’s lovely down in the woods today but saver to stay at home
For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain
Because today’s the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic

Matilda and James Bear of Clare

Her son James was often ill, and almost died several times, but Matilda never lost her faith, and spent many hours in Carbrooke praying that he would recover. By a miracle, James survived and grew up. Matilda never forgot how her prayers in Carbrooke had saved her son, and in 1193  decided to give the Church in Carbrooke to the Knights Hospitallers, so that they could found a beautiful church and centre for their activities as a Hospital order, helping and caring for the poor and sick.

Matilda and her son were buried in Carbrooke Church, in front of the Altar, perhaps the oldest Tombs in Norfolk.

More about Matilda of Clare

I am Reverend Jane Bear, the Vicar of this lovely church. I take the sunday services, it is lovely to baptise babies, and marry couples but  sad when I have to conduct funerals.

Rev. Jane Bear

They contacted Reverend Jane, who chatted with them about the serious commitments they are making to each other.

They have been planning this special day for a long time. Clara has a beautiful dress, and has her niece and nephew, as bridesmaid and pageboy. Fred’s best friend Bob is helping him, as the Best Man, and is looking after the wedding rings.

The church has been decorated with flowers, the organist will play ‘The Wedding March’ to welcome the bride, and the choir will sing their favourite hymn, ‘All things Bright and Beautiful’.During the service they will make important vows to each other, in front of their friends and family and before God.After the ceremony, they have arranged a wedding reception party, with lovely food, a wedding cake, speeches and a disco.

Congratulations Fred and Clara, and best wishes for your future together.

Wedding Bears
Wedding Bears.

Christening Clare

This is Bishop Jonathan Bear – ‘The Singing Bishop Bear’

Bishp Jonathan.

Carbrooke Church is dedicated to St Peter and St Paul – here are their stories.

St. Peter Teddy – I was one of Jesus’ first disciples, and one of his closest friends. I was a poor fisherman. Jesus told me many important things, but after his death, I am sad to say, I pretended I never knew him.I felt so bad about this, that I determined to spread his message; and spent the rest of my life working to build the church of Jesus Christ – we have been known as Christians ever since. Jesus called me Peter – before that I was called Simon. Peter means rock or stone – I have been called the foundation stone of the Christian church.My symbols are fish and keys – the keys to the kingdom of heaven.

St Per & St Paul Bear.

St. Paul Teddy I was a rich Jew, born in what is now called Turkey and didn’t like Christians, so I tried to stop them. One day I was walking to Damascus in Syria, when all of a sudden the Holy Spirit made me blind, and told me I must stop persecuting Christians, and instead spread the word of Jesus. When I understood what I had to do, my sight returned, and I set off to travel around the Mediterranean Sea, spreading Jesus’ message.

Along with St Peter, I am called a founder of the Christian Church, we were from very different backgrounds, and didn’t always see eye to eye, but we were both working to the same end. I am often shown with a Bible, as I wrote many messages to my Christian friends as I travelled about, to encourage them when they had difficulties. Many of my letters have become part of the New Testament in the Bible.

This Church in Carbrooke is named after St Peter and St Paul, and as an inspiration to us; we may not all be the same, but we can all work together.

My name is Will, and I am on a walking holiday in Norfolk, as I was passing Carbrooke Church I thought I would pop in to take a look, and say a prayer for my Grandad who is not very well at the moment.

This is Polly Teddy, she is one of the teddies who serves tea or coffee after the service on a Sunday, or tea and cakes, at special events in the church.

This is one of the Cleaning Bears

who help to keep the church clean and tidy.

This is Bat Bear, and he often makes the Cleaner Bears cross, because he makes a lot of mess, but doesn’t clean up after himself, but the cleaners know how important he is really, so they don’t really mind!

Na Na Nana  Na Na Na Na  Na Na Nana  Na Na Na Na……………………….

Watch out it’s Bat Bear!

In Carbrooke Church we have lots of Bats. In the winter they usually have a long sleep, but in the Summer they come out each night and fly around – inside and outside the church looking for insects to eat.They are amazing creatures, and although they are almost blind, they hardly ever crash into anything as they find their way about by using echo – location which is a bit like sonar or radar.Unfortunately they do make a lot of mess in the church, but we are lucky to have a protected species about. They look like little mice with wings.

I am Fred Bear, a local Farmer, sometimes I read the prayers on a Sunday, and sometimes I lead the service. In recent years, there haven’t been enough vicars for all the churches, so in Carbrooke, the Bishop said sometimes members of the congregation can help. We are called ‘Authorised Worship Assistants’, and lead a service once a month.

We are Flora, Herbie and Bayleaf. Flora and Herbie have a lovely garden in Carbrooke, and grow lots of flowers, they bring them to church for the flower arrangers to use to make the church look pretty, especially for special occasions and flower festivals. Bayleaf likes to help the flower arrangers, by soaking the oasis in water for them, and choosing which flowers to use.

I am Bobby Bear. I like to play football on the Village Green with my friends. As you can see, I am a Norwich City fan! Sometimes when we have finished playing football, we like to have a look around the church. It is such a big, old building, and every time we have a look, we find something different. We especially like looking at all the different pew ends, and sometimes we lay on the carpet in the aisle and look up at the roof.

Did you know there are Angels up there?

More about Sport In Carbrooke

I am Jimmy, a Cricketer. I like to go to Church on a Sunday morning and then meet up with my team and play cricket on a Sunday afternoon in the Summer. There used to be a Cricket Club in Carbrooke for many years. The Millenium Green would be a great place to start one up again, families could bring their sandwiches and have picnics on the Green while they watch the Cricket matches, and the children could play on the new Play Area.

More about cricket in Carbrooke 

I am a Carbrooke Angel Bear. I bring messages of Love and Peace from God.

If you look up to the roof you can see lots more Angels looking down on you.

An Angel is a messenger from God, and there are many stories in the Bible of Angels bringing messages, or supporting people in their troubles. Angel Gabriel bought news to Mary that she was going to have a baby named Jesus.

More about the Angels in Carbrooke Church

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