Film Documentary

‘Carbrooke Through The Ages’

A docu-film showcasing the story of Carbrooke through time, featuring drone footage, old photos, and interviews.

“Why does Carbrooke have such a big church?”

Did you know there is an industrial base here.

What is the connection with the American air force?

How were Carbrooke folk employed in the past?

A fascinating journey into the past and hopes for the future.

Available here to watch.

Our special thanks to Ben of for conceptualising and producing a fantastic film.

Thanks to Carbrooke Parish Council for funding to the rights.

and National Heritage Lottery Fund for providing the initial funds and impetus to produce this film.

With special thanks to everyone who took part in the film, or provided material to include.

Naturally, we cannot fit all of thousands of years of Carbrooke history into a 30 minute documentary, so if you would like to find out more of anything included in the film, please get in touch. If you have more to add, we would love to hear from you. All welcome to join us to consider further research at our group meetings.