Enclosure notice and list of claimants.

Watton and Carbrooke Enclosures 1803

Watton And Carbrooke Inclosure

Notice is hereby given,

That the Comissioners named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament passed in the forty first year of the reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, entitled “An Act for dividing,  allotting, and enclosing, the open, or common-fields, half-year or shack-lands, Lammas-meadows, fens, commons, and waste lands, within the several parishes of WATTON and CARBROOKE,  in the COUNTY of NORFOLK,” did at their last meeting direct and appoint, that in any case any proprietor or proprietors of lands and tenements in the several  parishes abovementioned, or either of them, or any other or person or persons interested in the division  and allot-ments to be made by virtue of and under the said act, should have any objection or objections to any of the accounts or claims delivered to the said Commissioners, he, she, or they should deliver such objection or objections in writing, to the person or persons  whole account or claim should be disputed or objected to, or to his, her or their agent or agents, whose name or names is or are subscribed to such account or claim, on or before the 23rd day of January next. And should also deliver to the said Commissioners a duplicate of such objection or objections at their next meeting under the said act.

And Notice is hereby also given

That the said Commissioners do intend to hold their next Meeting for carrying the said act into execution, at the public inn called the George in Watton aforesaid, on Monday the (7th/9th) …day of February next at eleven o’ clock in the fore noon, and at their said next meeting to receive, examine into, hear and determine, any objection or objections to the said accounts or claim.


Solicitor under the said Act.




Alexander Henry , esquire 5
Bacon Philip, esquire And others, surviving trustees for the Church and Township of Carbrooke 53
Barker James, esquire 28
Barker Benjamin esquire 24
Barker Peter Henry, 25
Barker Elizabeth,  widow 27
Brett John 54
Brett Robert 55
Bridges John 56
Bringloe Charles 57
Browne William 58
Browne Ann 59
Bunting Edward 60
Buxton Mary 61
Buxton Robert 62
Buxton Charles 63
Case Edward 8
Dorr Charles 23
Dalton Francis esquire 14
Darby Robert 64
Dennis Robert 65
Dennis Robert and Mary his wife 66
D’Oyley William, clerk 34
Ellington Joseph 67
Fletcher Henry 68
Powell Thomas 72
Franklin John Fairfax, clerk, trustee for Mrs Barker 2
Francis Samuel 69
Friend Charles 70
Fuller Samuel 17
Gapp Edmund 71
Greengrass John, of Bury 73
Greengrass, John, an infant 74
Gunn Haines 75
Hall, James 35
Hamerton Charles 20
Hamerton Thomas 19
Hammerton John 21
Hammerton Thomas and Charles 18
Hardy , John of Saham 76
Hardy, John of Caston 77
Harvey Robert 78
Harvey, Robert and others,trustees for the Church and Town of Watton 79
Hastings John 80
Hastings Smith 81
Haylock George 82
Howard, Right Honourable Lady 1
Howes, Thomas 83
Hubbard William   84
Jacob, Robert 85
Lake Walter 86
Lake John 87
Lincoln Thomas 10
Lockett, James 88
Lusher, John 12
Maltwood Robert, heirs of, as trustees for the Church and Town of Carbrooke 52
Mason William,  esquire,  devisee of the estate, late of John Barker,  esquire 26
Murray James,  esquire 29
Murrell Jehoshaphat 43
Murrell  John, for premises in mortgage to Susanna Green 44
Murrell John, for premises in mortgage to the executors of William Dack 45
Nobbs Thomas 46
Oldfield Edmund 47
Osborne William 13
Parson Sarah 48
Parson John 49
Powley Samuel 50
Prentice Thomas 51
Reynolds Thomas 89
Robinson Elizabeth 90
Robinson William Lane 4
Rust Stephen 91
Sallitt Isabella and Matthew 92
Say Henry, clerk 93
Scott Thomas, clerk 33
Scott Thomas, clerk, and others, trustees under the will of Thomas Scott, clerk, deceased 3
Shulver John 9
Smith Jeremiah 94
Smith Thomas 95
Sparrow John 96
Spinks Benjamin 97
Starke Thomas 98
Stevens Edward 7
Stebbing  Thomas 99
Stone David 100
Stone Roger 101
Swallow Robert 30
Swann Robert 112
Thomas George, clerk 11
Thompson John 115
Thompson  Elizabeth and William 36
Thompson Elizabeth and Phillis 37
Thompson Elizabeth and John 38
Thompson William 39
Tolman John 40
Trumpess Thomas 41
Putting William,  trustee for Mary Jagger 42
Wace Clement 16
Walsingham Right Honourable Lord 22
Ward Mary 6
Warner Robert 15
Watton Churchwardens 102
Watton Churchwardens and Overseers for White Bread Close 104
Watton Churchwardens and Overseers for Town-house 105
Watton Churchwardens and Overseers for the house in the occupation of John Walker 103
Wenham William 106
Winder William, clerk  107
Whealebelly Mary, the wife of Thomas Whealebelly 108
Whidby William 109
Williams David, clerk, and others, trustees under the will of Edward Goffe 110
Wright Charles Tavis 111
Younge Dorothy 32
Younge Thomas 31
Younge Willia 113
Younge Robert 114
Inclosure claimants and No. of claim.


Delivered to the Commissioners named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament,  made and passed in the forty-first  Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, entitled “An Act for dividing,  allotting, and Inclosing the Open or Common Fields,  Half Year Lands, within the Several  parishes of WATTON and CARBROOKE, in the COUNTY of NORFOLK “.