King James Bible

of Carbrooke

The Carbrooke Original King James Bible was discovered in a cupboard in the church in the early 1980’s, by Rev. Philip Harrison and Churchwarden David Saunders, as they documented the churches possessions. This is an extremely rare book which celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2011. As soon as Philip and David realised what they had found, they arranged for it to be cared for in Norwich Cathedral Library, where it is kept today. During its anniversary year, it spent time at the ‘Guild of Stationers’ in London on display. We arranged for it to be displayed in the church at our Heritage Weekend in September 2012.

David read a passage from it at the Harvest Festival.


This beautiful photograph taken by Debbie Muller, features the King James Bible in its case, with Rev. Philip Harrison, visiting for the event, David Saunders ex-Church Warden and Ex-Headmaster of Carbrooke School. The Carbrooke School Wall hanging behind, and the stained glass window reflected in the glass case. – So much Carbrooke Heritage!

Eastern Daily Press Cutting for King James Bible

Carbrooke AntiphonerA Medieval music manuscript (Antiphoner) was also found at the same time, and displayed at the Heritage Festival.

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