Carbrooke Cricket Club

Carbrooke cricket club c1976

Cricket was very much a summer sport for the menfolk in many rural communities, and Carbrooke was no exception. Carbrooke had a well established cricket club during 1920’s, which was put on hold during the second world war. It was re-established in 1947, but at this point in its history, Carbrooke social life appears to have been on a decline, and the club was forced to fold in 1959. It was ressurrected in 1976, but sadly appears to have lacked members and was again forced to close by 1979. With Carbrooke social life on the accendance, lots of young people in the village, and an ideal spot for a pitch on the Village Green, perhaps there is the opportunity to bring the Carbrooke cricket team back into existence.

Carbrooke Cricket Team 1926
Carbrooke Cricket Team 1950’s

Carbrooke Cricket Club Minutes covering the years 1947 -1979

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