Extraordinary Weather

affecting Carbrooke

Carbrooke, Norfolk is a small agricultural village, with a surprising & fascinating history, and influences through the centuries from around the world. 

The British love to talk about the weather and sometimes, it really is worth talking about. This page looks at some of the extraordinary weather events that have affected Carbrooke. A normal British year usually features a cold winter, hopefully with a little snow, warming spring, into a long hot summer, then cooling through the falling leaves of autumn and back to winter. Of course, the weather can never be relied upon, often throwing up some strange events, and which, unfortunately seem to becoming more frequent.

19th November 1836 a Hurricane in Carbrooke blew down the Mill on Caston Road with loss of life. Norfolk Mills

August 1866 Whirlwind in Carbrooke  Norfolk Chronicle

January 1986 Summer Lane (Carbrooke end) blocked by snow drift

August 2020Flooding in Meadow Lane EDP Flooding at Norwich Road roundabout Watton & Swaffham Times

2022, High Temperatures and drought.

Drought in the church yard, as the church keeps watch.
Grass on Millenium Green is rather parched.

Summer 2022, as it appears that global warming is starting to bite, we experienced one of the hottest days ever recorded (just over 40c at Coningsby, Lincs. and 39c+ in Carbrooke). The hot weather continued through August enabling the farmers to get their harvest in, a month early. ‘The Boy Tom‘ tells us about the unusual Summer weather we have experienced this year.

If you have any information or memories of extreme weather events in Carbrooke, please let us know.

Page last updated 12.08.22