Carbrooke Foundry

Carbrooke has an industrial base in the form of East Coast Castings, an Iron Foundry near the Flying Fish. The foundry was established by Jonathon Hunton in 1786 originally to produce farm implements.

Refer to their website for further history of the foundry.

Carbrooke Foundry made items from cast iron by pouring melted cast iron into moulds. They would make mainly large items like plough parts  or parts for other companies that made large agricultural implements. Some of these companies would supply their own moulds.

Foundries also made cast iron pig feed troughs. These were popular with farmers as the pigs found them very difficult to break. 

Tom Thurston

Foundry at work 1940’s
Unveiling of renovated Plough 2013
Unveiling of Plough 2013

The unveiling of the restored ‘Page Hunton Plough’, by the Page family, September 2013, at the Heritage Festival.

Foundry c1980’s

Aerial view of Carbrooke foundry.

Inside the foundry.

Interior shot.

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