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Carbrooke, Norfolk is a small agricultural village, yet has a surprising & fascinating history, with influences through the centuries from around the world. 'Carbrooke Heritage Group' was formed in 2012, and has been involved in a number of projects to research log&publish aspects of village history &raise the profile of Carbrooke and its heritage.The aim of this website is to bring together information about the area and its heritage. If you have any comments, information, anecdotes or photographs you would like to share, please contact us.

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Construction work began on an RAF base at Watton in 1937, which spanned the Parishes of Carbrooke Watton and Griston. Land was compulsory purchased from local landowners , and then became closed to the public. Local labour was used to built the aerodrome, and later to staff it. Being so close to an airfield, Carbrooke was in the danger line for German bombing raids. Men and women were signed up to either join the armed forces or for war work. There was then an influx of first RAF personnel, and then American servicemen into the area.

This website of the complete history of RAF Watton, by Julian Horn  History Of The Aerodrome, RAF Watton (

This site contains photographs and information of the derelict site before the new housing developments.

HomeGuard CarbrookeCarbrooke HomeGuard picture courtesy J Sussams










Carbrooke girls 'First aid and home nursing'.


Carbrooke Heritage Group have produced a book transcribed from the school log for the years 1939-45 as a fascinating insight into Carbrooke life during WW2. 'A Village School at War' . The American servicemen stationed in the area were very kind to the local children, providing gifts and parties, in this, set of books, 'An Ocean Apart' pictures and letters from Carbrooke pupils to a young girl in America during the war, were discovered in a museum in Norfolk Virginia.

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