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Carbrooke Dancers 1947-8

For a group of people to become a community, there must be a social life. For most of the population in times past, the majority of time was spent working, when they had the opportunity to relax, enjoy themselves and create their social community, they did, and much has been achieved in Carbrooke to make village life what it is today.

Carbrooke Village Coronation Hall

Carbrooke Village Millenium Green

Carbrooke Cricket Club

Carbrooke Pubs

Carbrooke WI

Carbrooke Census: The census' show us who lived in Carbrooke, where, ages, and  occupations.

Non Conformists in Carbrooke:  Perhaps not strictly 'Social Life', the Non Conformists show how a group of people who have a strong conviction in their beliefs, can work together to try and improve their lives and that of their community.

New Penny News: Carbrooke Village magazine, originally began in 1969 as a school publication, 'The Ha'Penny News', then 'Penny News', became 'The New Penny News - All the Village News and Views'. This village magazine is no longer produced , but our online village news can be found here;- Carbrooke Online

Carbrooke Online: On facebook

Carbrooke Appraisal 2001: In 2001 a village appraisal was commissioned, it makes interesting reading now 19 years later, we can see how many things have changed....and how many stay the same!

Carbrooke in Wayland, Norfolk has a long and interesting history, the idea of this website is to bring together information about Carbrooke and its heritage, and is an ongoing project.

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