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St Peter and St Paul VC School Carbrooke.

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Carbrooke School History



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'Carbrooke Oak'  sung by pupils of Carbrooke School c2003

A school was established in Carbrooke in 1836 by landowner Richard Dewing, at first it was held in what is now 'The Old Bakery', the first mistress being Miss Young. In 1846 it became a Church School for all local children, the government introduced educational reform, and from 1870 all children were required to attend school by law.

During the next 140 years the school continued to educate the children of Carbrooke, with the pupils looking back on their Carbrooke School days with affection. The building also being used for village activities.

As the 20th century drew to a close,the school faced almost certain closure around 1986 with a register of just 40, but as the ex-RAF houses were sold during 1980’s and 1990’s on Ash Tree Park, Beech Tree Park, and Maid Marian Way, and later with the building of Blenheim Way, young families were able to remain in, and move into the area. 

How lucky the school was saved, as 25 years later, and two major building extensions it is bursting at the seams with 160 children.

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School Log Books

Former Teachers and Head Teachers

1841 Martha Young

1851 Charlotte Quinton (teaching at The 'National School'), born c1803 in Norwich and lodging with James and Elizabth Chapman of Carbrooke

Wall Hanging

'An Ocean Apart'

Letters between Carbrooke School children and Leona Robbins in Norfolk Virginia during WW2. Amazing information, images of actual letters.

Memories of a Carbrooke Childhood in 1960's

Memories from David Vincent, who spent a number of his childhood years in Carbrooke living and visiting his Grandparents duing 1960's. Fascinating resume of school life, people and places.

New Penny News

Carbrooke Village magazine, originally began in 1969 as a school magazine, 'The Ha'Penny News', then 'Penny News', and now well established as 'The New Penny News' - 'All the Village News and Views'.

School Awards Bleinham Trophy

Carbrooke School: 'Friends Reunited'.

Carbrooke Village, Wayland, Norfolk has a long and interesting history. If you have any comments, information, anecdotes or photographs, you would like to share, please contact me.

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