Carbrooke History & Heritage of Pubs

Carbrooke, Norfolk is a small agricultural village, yet has a surprising & fascinating history, with influences through the centuries from around the world. 'Carbrooke Heritage Group' was formed in 2012, and has been involved in a number of projects to research log&publish aspects of village history &raise the profile of Carbrooke and its heritage.The aim of this website is to bring together information about the area and its heritage. If you have any comments, information, anecdotes or photographs you would like to share, please contact us.

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There were four pubs in Carbrooke in the past, but now the only one in the Parish is the Flying Fish Inn on the Norwich Road. With the closure of its village pubs, Carbrooke lacked such an amenity for many years, but during 1990’s the Village Club, installed a ‘snug’, in the Village Hall, and opened a bar which opens Friday evenings, some Sunday afternoons and for events.

Some of the following information from an organisation attempting to log all Norfolk Pubs, past or present.

The Crown Public House: Now 'Crown House' a private dwelling - off Church Street / Meadow Lane.

Closed in 1969. It had a Full License.

Steward & Patteson report, prepared for Watney Mann June 1969 recommended immediate closure. It was reported that the house was `Off main street and hard to find.....Toilet accommodation dreadful and Sanitary Notice had been received from Local Authority'.