Carbrooke History & Heritage

Carbrooke (in Wayland), Norfolk has a fascinating history, the aim of this website is to bring together information about the area and its heritage.  'Carbrooke Heritage Group' was formed in 2012, and has been involved in a number of projects to raise the profile of Carbrooke and its heritage. If you have any comments, information, anecdotes or photographs you would like to share, please contact us.

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These 2 books tell the story of 'The Commanderie of Carbrooke' and 'The Knights Hospitallers', they can also be purchased from the church at £2.50 each

Carbrooke Commanderie

'Carbrooke and the Commanderie of the Knights Hospitallers'

 A short history compiled by Helen Riley

Knights who were they Carbrooke History'The Knights Hospitallers, Who Were They?'

Compiled by Helen Riley

Carbrooke Heritage BookCapturing our Wayland Heritage, 'A history of Carbrooke' 

1st edition 2011, includes pull out section and DVD of local photos.

A series of 13 books produced by the Wayland Partnership, gives a history of each of the Wayland Villages.

To purchase a copy (Carbrooke)  £8.00 (£3 p&p) Contact Carbrooke Heritage Group,

Also available to purchase from Wayland Partnership offices in Watton, Wayland House, High Street, Watton.

Or as reference in Carbrooke Church Heritage corner or Watton library.

The Impact of WW1 In Wayland, 1st edition 2016.

A study by the Wayland Heritage groups on the impact of WW1 in the Wayland area, covering the many aspects of life. Produced by the Wayland Partnership, and funded by a Lottery grant.

To purchase a copy, contact Wayland Partnership offices in Watton, Wayland House, High Street, Watton.

Or as reference in Carbrooke Church Heritage corner and Watton library.

A School at War - transcription of school log book 1939-45

The Heritage Group have transcribed, and published Carbrooke school log for the years 1939-45, adding background photos and information. During the second world war, the Headmistress, Miss Mary Norton, kept a fascinating record of daily life and events in Carbrooke, during the years of the war through her entries in the school log, she was a much admired headmistress, with an obvious care for the children in her charge. Daily life went on as usual, admidst the highly unusual events bought on by war, particularly the kind involvement of locally based American troops.

Books available from Carbrooke Heritage Group £5 (£3 p&p). First print 2019

Heritage Map 

Heritage Map Poster

A3 sized poster of the Carbrooke Heritage Map designed by Adrian Talbot for Carbrooke Heritage Group, foe use as Parish information boards.

Posters available from Carbrooke Heritage Group £5 (£5 p&p).


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