These 2 books tell the story of 'The Commanderie of Carbrooke' and 'The Knights Hospitallers', click on the links, they can also be purchased from the church at £2.50 each

Carbrooke Commanderie'Carbrooke and the Commanderie of the Knights Hospitallers'

 A short history compiled by Helen Riley

Knights who were they Carbrooke History'The Knights Hospitallers, Who Were They?'

Compiled by Helen Riley

Capturing our Wayland Heritage, 'A history of Carbrooke' 

1st edition 2011, includes pull out section and DVD of local photos.

This series of 13 books produced by the Wayland Partnership, gives a history of each of the Wayland Villages. Available to purchase from Wayland Partnership offices in Watton, (Carbrooke history £8.00 each). Also available for reference in Watton library or from any of the Wayland parish councils.

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Carbrooke Village, Wayland, Norfolk has a long and interesting history. If you have any comments, information, anecdotes or photographs, you would like to share, please contact me.

This is an ongoing project and it would be lovely to add more information.