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Carbrooke Village, Wayland, Norfolk has a long and interesting history, welcome to this website which hopes to bring together information about Carbrooke and its heritage, this is an ongoing project and it would be lovely to add more information. If you have any comments, information, anecdotes or  photographs you would like to share, please contact me.Follow the links to the left to discover more.


Next Meeting Date: Wednesday 16th November 7pm.

The Committe Room

Carbrooke Village Hall.

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RAF Watton Poster

Carbrooke Heritage Group present a talk by Julian Horn;
'The Short & Longterm Effects RAF Watton in our Locality'.

 A fascinating insight presented by Julian Horn.

Have you ever wondered what effects RAF Watton has had on our local area. For example has the recent spate of house building in the Wayland area (not just on old RAF land) been as a result of land sales by MOD, has the influence of an larger number of military personal encouraged or discouraged development in this area. Would we have so many out of town industrial units, affecting our environment, but providing local employment, have we had a larger number of military ‘outsiders’ settling down here or did we lose a larger than average number young women as they married into the military and moved away. Did the military personnel and their families use the local facilities, or tend to keep to themselves.
Of course we cannot change what has happened, but by being aware of how our environment changes and how and why it may affect an area in so many unexpected ways, we can plan for the future more objectively.



Moment in time’ project: Take a photo of your house – even better with its residents in the picture too! Perhaps you would like to write a few line about your house. Bring it along to any of the above events, so we can start logging the Carbrooke buildings.

We are interested in any local information relating to World War 1.

Everyone welcome to come along to any of our events.

Carbrooke Stores c1915Carbrooke Stores c1910Carbrooke Cricket Club 1926

Carbrooke Cricket Club 1926




Broadmoor Road c1906Broadmoor Road c1906

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Carbrooke School 1995Carbrooke School 1995

Carbrooke Church c1990Carbrooke Church c1990

Carbrooke Church Christmas Play 1937Christmas Play 1937AC MurrellPte AC Murrell d.1918


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