Put Carbrooke on the Map

Some of the buildings in Carbrooke are very old, obviously the oldest being the Church. Others are certainly old, and may well have been built over even older buildings. We have many listed buildings.Carbrooke Heritage Group would like to log our buildings and produce a history of each for future generations.

Carbrooke is not a museum, it is a living village, and so as with any typical English village, we have buildings and homes built through the centuries, and each has its story to tell, the style gives us clues as to when it was constructed and for what reason. There may be people who object to putting modern buildings in an old village, but this is what keeps the village alive and gives it its character. Every house was new once!

The history of Carbrooke through its buildings is fascinating, from the medieval stone work of the Church, clay lump and flint cottages, brick built houses, ex council house stock and community housing, - giving local folk an affordable way of living in their own community, old folks bungalows, the ex RAF houses built during the war to house RAF personel, more recent homes built to echo past building styles, and the modern 'town house' style buildings on Blenheim Grange, and most recently Carbrookes own Care Home at 'Buckingham Lodge'.

However old you house have you considered looking into its history, or perhaps the history of the land it stands on.

This would be a fascinating project, and if you have any research, or even famous ex-residents of your house we would love to keep a record here.

The History of Whitehouse Cottage, Church Street (with thanks to Jeffery Burbidge).

Photographs for this house can be viewed on Facebook

Carbrooke in Wayland, Norfolk has a long and interesting history, the idea of this website is to bring together information about Carbrooke and its heritage, and is an ongoing project.

If you have any comments, information, anecdotes or photographs you would like to share, please contact us.


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