Carbrooke Heritage Weekend

29th and 30th September 2012

When Carbrooke Heritage Group was set up in March 2012, it was suggested that we might hold an event to introduce the group; -  perhaps a display of Carbrooke history and heritage, over the months the idea grew and incorporated the unveiling of the newly renovated Village sign, the 'Page Hunton Plough', our annual Teddy Bear Parachuting event, and Harvest Festival to become a Village Festival.

The date was set for September. Harvest time an important time in agricultual communites. The weekend of 29/30th September being Michaelmas, the traditional end of one agricutural year and beginning of the next.

Follow the links to here to discover what went on at our Heritage weekend.

Welcome to Carbrooke Church


A brief history of Carbrooke

Domesday Book

Tour of the Church

Carbrooke Belltower and Bells

Carbrooke and the Commanderie History of the Knights Hospitallers

Plans for the Future

Carbrooke Parish Registers

Carbrooke 1611 Bible

East Window/ Mystery of Judith Chamberlain

History of the School

Nonconformists in Carbrooke

Farmer Daniel Bullen

Father George Chambers Carbrooke Nativity Figures

RAF and Carbrooke  American Airforce and Carbrooke

Carbrooke Cricket Club/ Tennis Club  Carbrooke Dance Club

Carbrooke WI

Carbooke Village HalCarbrooke Village Millenium Green

History of Crown House  History of White House Church Street

Felgarth  Spring Cottage

Looking to the future

Teddy Bear Parachuting and Barbecue

Harvest Supper  Harvest Festival  Music

Unveiling of New Village Sign Unveiling of Page Hunton Plough

Norfolk Step Dancing and traditional music

Refreshments  Carbrooke Honey  Raffle

Carbrooke Village, Wayland, Norfolk has a long and interesting history. If you have any comments, information, anecdotes or photographs, you would like to share, please contact us.

This is an ongoing project and it would be lovely to add more information.

Last updated 08.10.2012