Blenheim Trophy

The Blenheim Trophy is awarded at the end of each school year, to a pupil who has worked hard and made a positve contribution to the local community

I have obtained some details to go with the photo of Gemma receiving the Blenheim Trophy.


The trophy was presented in May 1990 at the unveiling of the Blenheim Memorial.


The person presenting the trophy to Gemma was The Hon. Timothy Ellworthy who, in 1990, was Commodore of the Queens Flight. The Hon. Timothy's father had been a Squadron Commander at RAF Watton.

 I obtained this information from Julian Horn who organised the unveiling of the Blenheim Memorial at RAF Watton and the presenting of the first Blenheim Trophy.

 Tom Thurston


Have you or any of your relations ever won the Blenheim Trophy? – or any other School trophy, please let us know.