Work began on the construction of RAF Watton in 1937, and spans parts of the Parishes of Carbrooke, Watton and Griston. The Aerodrome has had a dramatic effect on Carbrooke, both during the war and afterwards, large parts of the Parish became inaccessible to the public, with the road to Griston being closed altogether. Since the closing of the RAF Station, the housing stock has gradually been sold to the public, providing affordable homes for both local and new residents and with new building taking place, this is now the most heavily populated part of the parish. Recently a residential home for the elderly, and new shops have been built on the former RAF site. The runway and airfield are being returned to farmland.

Pill Box in Carbrooke.

Do you use the Aerolite Footpath regularly, if so, perhaps you have noticed this sign on the WW2 'Pill Box'. The Council have recognized the importance of this piece of our history, even if it is hidden in an unusual place. If you are not aware of it, why not take a stroll along the Aerolite to Caudle Springs footpath and have a look. (Take the narrow pathway to the right of Aerolite Garage on the Norwich - Watton Road, or the Public Footpath at Caudle Green Farm, Caudle Springs).

Carbrooke Pill Box RAF

Carbrooke Pill Box.Carbrooke Pill Box RAF 2

This fascinating website of the complete history of RAF Watton, by Julian Horn can be found here:-

History Of The Aerodrome, RAF Watton (

This site contains photographs and information of the derelict site before the new housing developments.

Watton Radio Model Club has a steady membership, and meets in Carbrooke Village Hall, and an outdoor venue at a field on 'The Fen'. In summer the buzz of the model aircraft can often be heard at weekends and evenings, for more information, follow this link to their website.

Carbrooke Village, Wayland, Norfolk has a long and interesting history. If you have any comments, information, anecdotes or photographs, you would like to share, please contact me.

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